Chantel, Pedro and their families will be starring in their own 90 Day Fiancé spinoff called “The Family Chantel”, which will be premiering in July on Monday nights on TLC.

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno made their television debut in season three of 90 Day Fiancé. Since then, they’ve returned for multiple seasons on the hit spinoff, ‘Happily Ever After?’ and will also be returning for the next ‘Happily Ever After?’ season, coming April 28th.

The new family spinoff will feature Chantel’s parents Thomas and Karen, Chantel’s siblings River and Winter, Pedro’s mother Lidia and his sister Nicole.

Chantel and Pedro are known to be one of the most dramatic couples from the show. The drama began when Chantel introduced Pedro to her family under the impression that he was coming to America on a student visa, and not a K-1 visa (as a fiancé). Once Chantel’s family was told the truth, the drama escalated from there. Whether it’s outrageous disagreements over being served chicken feet, or the latest feud between Pedro and River, which actually lead to a physical altercation during a family dinner on the latest ‘Happily Ever After?’ season, viewers can always count on the couple to bring some drama, as well as some darn good television.

Howard Lee, the president and general manager of TLC released the following statement according to People: “This is an awesome moment for TLC, as we create a family show based on one of our most popular 90 Day couples, and on a whole new night, our fans can’t get enough of Pedro, Chantel and their larger-than-life families. For a brand known as the destination for love, relationships and family shows, The Family Chantel hits the bullseye.”

The Family Chantel premieres in July on TLC and will be airing on Mondays.

While fans wait for The Family Chantel spinoff, they will be able to enjoy the newest season of 90 Day Fiancé: ‘Happily Ever?’ when it premieres on April 28th.

If you have yet to see which six couples will be returning to Happily Ever After?, then be sure to check the link below:


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